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About Plan-b


In the wild west of Iceland is a brilliant little town called Borgarnes with population of only around 1,900. The town is located on a hilly peninsula at the shore of Borgarfjörður. The fjord looks calm but has extreme undercurrents. It has a rich history which is still being written.


Plan-B Art Festival is the first art festival of its kind in the West of Iceland where attention is directed towards contemporary art and the conversation between mixed media. The festival will be held for the 6th time in 2021 during the weekend of August 5th to 8th.


The name is influenced because of Borgarnes’s history as an industrial town. Decades ago the agriculture and industry were flourishing but times have changed and now it’s time for Plan-B — art and culture.

The festival has welcomed more than 100 artists since the beginning, both Icelandic and from abroad. The exhibitions have been held in unconventional spaces both in Borgarnes and in the area surrounding the town. Plan-B is a grassroots festival and our goal from day one was to create a lively and experimental venue, both for younger and more experienced artist to push the limits of their artistic creations. Try new mediums and challenge themselves with unconventional exhibitions spaces like an old cowshed, a warehouse, an old slaughterhouse and so on and so forth. The result is a great contemporary art festival that has been recognised as a permanent event in the art scene of Iceland.

Because sometimes, when it all boils down at the end of the day, Plan-B proves to be even better than the original plan.

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