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Plan-B art festival will take place in the west of Iceland, Borgarnes, in August 2016 for the first time.

Proposals and inquiries, please contact us at

Send us a little bit about yourself and your work, with the maximum of five images if needed. Proposals can be fully developed artworks / projects or unformed ideas, adaptable to the variety of untraditional venues. Please include your name, e-mail and phone number in the application.

Deadline for submissions: 25th of June

Plan-B is the first art festival of its kind in the West of Iceland where attention will be directed towards contemporary art and conversation between mixed media. The festival will be held during the weekend of 12th –14th of August in four venues in the town of Borgarnes and an event night at Studio Mjólk, a charming old cowshed right outside of town where performances and sound installations will be exhibited.

It is all about the experience, a new venue for up and coming artists and welcoming guests to Borgarnes

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