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On the little island Brákarey, near the old town, there is a mysterious house; Grímshús. It is located beside the old harbor and sponsored by the municipal of Borgarbyggð/Borgarnes.

The Gúanó


There are a few hidden spaces in the island of Brákarey and this is one of them. The space is a part of the old slaughterhouse and the antique car group - the rulers of the Gúanó - made a friendly gesture and gave us permission to use the space for Plan-B.

Attention: This is a pre-exhibition state

Söguloft / Settlement center


Borgarnes has a great theatre and restaurant; Landnámssetrið (e. Settlement center). The theater space, Söguloft, will become a venue for an installation for Plan-B 

We highly recommend the buffet they are offering every day between 11.30 am until 14.00 pm

Click on the pic to see documentation of last years installation and performance

Studio Mjólk Einarsnes


This grand empty cow shed will become a venue for Plan-B´s performance and soundinstallation event. Thank you farmers of Einarsnes

Click on the pic to go to the archive of last years performance night

Lyngbrekka // Residency and studio


Valfell is a community center about five minutes drive from Borgarnes. We are happy to announce that we will be able to offer artist who will participate in Plan-B to work in Lyngbrekka from the 24th of july. Provided by the municipal of Borgarbyggð/Borgarnes

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